the Ballet
the Performance


Now that the dancers are all rehearsed and the stage is almost ready, what are they going to wear? Again there is a designer. The costume designer, (a job that Picasso has also done), will decide, with the help of the director, what the costumes should look like. Measurements will then be taken of the dancers and the costumes will be made to fit, or, if the costumes already exist, they will be altered to fit. The dancer will then have to go in to the wardrobe department for a fitting. This is where the dancer puts on the costume to make sure that it fits and any problems are discovered. Sometimes there is a second fitting just to make sure that the costume not only fits, but the dancer can dance in it!

One other thing that a dancer has to wear is makeup. Both the male and female dancers wear makeup on stage because if the dancers do not have any makeup on it looks like they have no face. The theatre is one of the few places in the world where a man could be told "You have lipstick on your teeth." What the dancers' makeup will look like is decided before the performance, but the dancers will probably not put any makeup on before the dress rehearsal the night before the show opens.

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