the Ballet
the Dancer

Why do Dancers Dance?

Dancers dance because they love dancing. All dancers love dancing for different reasons, but they all love dancing, and they also all admit that they must be a bit insane. Some dancers find great joy in getting a complicated combination right after working hard at it, others know that they can never get bored with ballet because they can always improve, because there is no such thing as a perfectly executed dance. There can always be more beats, higher jumps, and better placement, among other things. Other dancers love the thrill of letting the music carry them through the steps and just following along by instinct. For some it has always been their dream to "be a ballerina." Ask almost any three year old girl what she wants to do when she grows up and that's what she'll tell you, "I want to be a ballerina." Some of the ladies in dance have actually lived out these childhood dreams and are now ballerinas. When Rudolf Nureyev was seven years old he saw his first ballet. Because his family was very poor his mother had to sneak the family in, but that day changed his life, as he said, "From that day I can truthfully date my unwavering decision to become a ballet dancer." The final reason most dancers dance is because of the applause. To stand out on stage at the end of a performance and know that they have thrilled the audience to the extent where they will applaud, cheer, or give a standing ovation is an incredible feeling.

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